Your classroom in Webex

Grab your laptop or tablet and explore your new way to learn. Play around with your settings and send your first message to another student. We’ll teach you how.

A new way to learn

Welcome to your first day of class on Webex. Not sure where to start or how to join your classroom? Our resources will teach you the basics so you can participate in class, talk to other students, and more.

Get to know the Webex App

Who says you have to be in the same room to collaborate with your classmates? Use the Webex App to chat with other students or teachers, work on group projects, and more.

Ready for class?

These resources, articles, and more will help you get started with Webex in the classroom.

Customize your profile

Add a profile picture, choose a theme, and more to create a profile that represents you.

Time for class

When class is about to begin, open the meeting invite and click the big green button to join.

Hide the mess

If your dorm's a mess or you just want to maintain your privacy, use a virtual background.

Have a question?

Use the raise hand function in Webex to let your teacher know you have a question.

Chromebooks in classrooms

Using a Chromebook for class? How you join is a little different. We'll show you how.

Schedule office hours

Schedule time to meet with your teacher to go over assignments or ask questions.

Virtual backgrounds so they just see you

Hide the chaos in your dorm or a distracting background by blurring or setting a virtual background.

Tips for a successful school year


Ask questions during class, and write them out first, so you don't forget.

Organize documents ahead of time and make them easily accessible to share in class.

Be prepared to take notes throughout class. Have everything you need ready ahead of time.

Instead of sharing your entire screen, share the application only, so no one sees anything else.

Use ear buds to maintain privacy and not disturb those around you.

Don't be the one with distracting background noise. Mute yourself!

If you've got a lot going on in your background, blur it or try a virtual background.

When you're on video, be expressive. After all, everyone can see you.

If you miss class, ask your teacher for the recording to catch up.

Webex for parents

Are you the parents of a K-12 student? Whether you need to attend a parent-teacher conference, join your child on a virtual field trip, or help your student log on, you will need to understand a few Webex fundamentals.

Our resources will help you conquer the basics.

Download the Webex App
Personalize your Webex profile
Message your student’s teacher
Flag messages to quickly find them later
Learn how to search for messages
Join a parent-teacher meeting
Adjust your video settings
Use Webex on your phone or tablet
Explore the toolkit

Need help?

Looking for something specific? Need help participating in a virtual classroom? Our help articles have all the answers to your questions.

I am...

an educator

a student

a faculty member

an IT admin

An educator

I've got lessons to plan, assignments to review, and young adults
to teach, which leaves little time to figure out how to run my hybrid

A student

I'm just trying to balance classes, studying, and chilling with my friends.
When I have free time, I don't want to spend it learning a new tool.

A faculty member

Quality education is paramount, so I do everything necessary to
ensure operations run smoothly in the background. I need
resources to help streamline processes.

An IT admin

I run the technologies that make teaching and participating in
hybrid classrooms possible. I also manage technical problems, so
I can't spend hours reading unhelpful articles.