Not your average class

Whether you need to meet with a parent or message the principal, you can do it all with Webex. Let’s get started.

More than a meeting

Whether you're teaching a standard class, hosting office hours, or need to meet with a student one-on-one to give feedback on a project or assignment, you can do it with Webex.

Messaging for teachers

Instead of opening your email to send communications to your students, send a quick message to the entire class or a single student in the same app you use in your hybrid classrooms.

Let’s get you the basics

Regardless of where you are on your hybrid journey, our resources will help make your hybrid classrooms powerhouses for education.

Make it hybrid

You want your students to be active participants and fully engaged, even in a virtual setting. We've got you!

Get them to engage

Make your classroom exciting again with live polls, Q&A sessions, and group breakout sessions.

Connect with parents

Keep parents in the loop with regular check-ins, even when they can't make it to your physical classroom.

A dedicated hub

We've gathered tailored resources to help you engage students and run your classroom on Webex like a pro.

Set up your
hybrid classroom

You plan your lessons and stock your classroom with all the supplies you need before your students even walk into the room. Prep your hybrid classroom the same way.

All the ways to connect

Record your classroom

Review sessions and save students from notetaking by recording lessons.

Group your students

Get students together to problem-solve or build peer relationships.

Teach for all students

Make every student feel included by using features like closed captions.

Engage students visually

Share your screen to show graphs, presentations, and other visuals.

Whiteboard together

Encourage active participation by collaborating live on a whiteboard.

Optimize your sound

Teaching a music class? Music mode makes everything sound better.

Grade participation

Grade students on how active they are during class.

Webex in and out of the classroom

Bring Webex to your Outlook inbox. Whether you're walking across campus or in between classes, schedule or join meetings or securely email colleagues—all in the same app you use to run your classroom.

Think of Webex as a teacher’s aid. You do a lot as an educator—prepping lesson plans, teaching, staff meetings. We’re here to help lighten the load with resources to use in your classroom.

Lessons learned

Remote education takes some work to get started, but we've learned how to create engaging and successful hybrid classrooms, and you can too!

Plan your day

Set aside time to meet with students individually, block off breaks, and schedule office hours.

Build your culture

Make students feel comfortable in your hybrid classroom by creating a safe, inclusive, and fun culture.

Set expectations

Ensure students understand how to participate—do you want them to turn their video on or raise their hands?

Rethink engagement

Find creative ways to engage students. Ask them to give feedback with emoji reactions or polling.

Run your hybrid classroom like a pro

Use bots in your space to announce when all your students arrive.

Create an announcements-only space with parents to announce important information, like upcoming field trips.

Make education even more powerful with Cisco devices.

Share a video message with parents using Vidcast.

Switch up your view to focus on all students with grid view or a single presenter in full screen.

Need help?

Looking for something specific? Need help participating in a virtual classroom? Our help articles have all the answers to your questions.

I am...

an educator

a student

a faculty member

an IT admin

An educator

I've got lessons to plan, assignments to review, and young adults
to teach, which leaves little time to figure out how to run my hybrid

A student

I'm just trying to balance classes, studying, and chilling with my friends.
When I have free time, I don't want to spend it learning a new tool.

A faculty member

Quality education is paramount, so I do everything necessary to
ensure operations run smoothly in the background. I need
resources to help streamline processes.

An IT admin

I run the technologies that make teaching and participating in
hybrid classrooms possible. I also manage technical problems, so
I can't spend hours reading unhelpful articles.