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This go-to guide is designed to help you navigate your adoption journey—from onboarding to optimization and everything in between.
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Our approach to adoption

Harnessing your Webex investment's full power and possibility will require relying on your people, process, and platform.

Using Webex device


Assign a team to lead the charge in driving Webex deployment and adoption through advocacy, change management, and buy-in.

Using Webex device


Communicate clear processes to your organization. Share the value of Webex with use cases and adoption campaigns.

Using Webex device


Use the right tools to support your people with seamless collaboration and integrated workflow apps—and track progress towards your goals.

Tips to conquering
hurdles along the way

Milestones make it easy to track your adoption goals. But if you're not where you want to be, we'll help you get back on track.

Lack of user awareness

When you hit this hurdle, revisit your communication plan, or consider gamifying adoption. If you've got champions, leverage them as well to get the word out about Webex.

Unclear use cases

A common roadblock is users not understanding how to incorporate Webex into their daily workflows. Share best practices or use cases they can relate to in their role.

Lack of sponsorship

Executive sponsors are vital in driving Webex adoption. Prepare them and define their responsibilities well so they feel equipped to succeed. Action plans are great too!

Track your success

As you move through your journey, check in and see how you're trending towards your goals. We’ll help you monitor usage and business outcomes, and build success stories.

Continued support
along your journey

We're here to support you with 24/7 resources, classes, and an entire library dedicated to adoption.

Technical resources

From preparing your environment to technical readiness, we’ve got the technical resources to help you deploy and implement Webex.

Classes and training

Our live and recorded classes and training cover everything from the basics to more advanced techniques for our Webex pros.

Adoption Resources Library

We want your adoption journey to be seamless, so we’ve gathered our best resources for you to access at any time.

Guide your users

Help your users start their journey with Webex by sharing our self-serve onboarding resources.

Help and communities

Our Help Center has thousands of articles, or visit the Webex Community to connect with other IT admins.

Adoption launch kits

Our launch kit collection has everything you need to get started with any product from the Webex Suite.