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Love Webex? Us too. We are Webex Ambassadors who earn specialized credentials to show off to our bosses, share expertise with our teams, and are part of an enthusiastic community of Ambassadors just like us.

Did we mention that our voices shape Webex innovations? Come join us—you're going to love it.

Got what it takes to be an Ambassador?

Of course you do! We're all about making your voice heard, not only in the Webex Community, but within your organization too. Whether you're an IT admin, collab thought leader, or an Adoption Advocate, your home is with the Webex Ambassadors.

Take courses to get to know Webex inside and out, build a network of professionals just like you, and share feedback and expertise that will truly change how Webex works for you.

Why you care

Aside from obvious bragging rights and impressing your boss, becoming an Ambassador comes with quite a few perks. Take a test annually to keep your knowledge on point and your membership and all those certifications current.

Learn about all things Webex to become a true pro and impress everyone

Humblebrag to your team by showing off your shiny new certificate or badge

Gifts, anyone? Get rewarded and recognized for your insights about Webex

Is that you showing up in the Webex Community directory? We see you!

Everything you need to know

We're looking for people passionate about Webex who have something to say. Of course, we'll reward you for your participation with learning courses, new levels, and more. But we need your voice and contributions throughout the year too.

Webex Power User

Associate Ambassador

Professional Ambassador

Webex Expert

Webex Power User

For all our Webex fans out there who want to deepen their knowledge and become leaders in collaboration. This is for you!

  • Go from basic to pro by participating in our product overview, best practices, and self-troubleshooting training
  • Use your knowledge to champion inclusive collaboration with Webex across your organization
  • Use your voice to drive Webex improvements and innovations
  • Impress your boss, team, and professional network with your deep expertise of Webex collaboration tools

Associate Ambassador

Do you support Webex at your company and want to learn beyond what you learned as a Webex Power User? This is for you.

  • Gain even more skills by deep diving into Webex and broadly exploring collaboration
  • Give back to the Webex Community by sharing your story. Have a success story or best practices? We want to know!
  • Earn a learning certificate as an IT admin or Adoption Advocate
  • Brag about it!

Coming Soon: Professional Ambassador

Are you a collaboration leader ready to learn and lead at the next level? Subscribe to be notified when the Professional Ambassador program launches.

  • Earn and put your IT admin or Adoption Champion learning certificate on display
  • Attend awesome Webex Community private events with fellow Ambassadors
  • Give back. Now that you’ve got all that knowledge, share your success stories and insights with others
  • Get invites to user surveys that can drive the future of Webex

Webex Expert

We pick the top one percent to become Webex Experts. They're collaboration admins, adoption advocates, and thought leaders at the top of their game—innovators, educators, and influencers. This is for those who have invested in Webex and want to co-create alongside us.

  • You’ve been nominated as a top-tier collab thought leader in the Ambassador program, and understand your annual membership is based on your continued contributions and participation
  • Support the Webex Community by providing thought leadership and speaking at our events
  • Gain insider access to our development and adoption teams to help drive innovation and create newer, better versions of Webex

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Connect with fellow Ambassadors to ask questions, share your thoughts, or simply get to know each other. Find them in the Ambassador Directory.

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