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Are you an educator, government worker, financial advisor, or nurse? Read below to see how Webex can work for you.


Education should be accessible and flexible, regardless of how or where you teach, learn, or run operations. Connect students with educators to promote active learning, streamline administration, and ensure a safe and secure learning environment with Webex. We've got everything you need to get started.

Webex virtual learning


Whether you're part of a legislative body, a judge, or a city police officer, you can use Webex to rethink how you work. We'll help you stay connected with your teams and streamline how you communicate in your legislative sessions. Regardless of where you are—in a courtroom, office, or the field—Webex helps you keep work moving.

Webex for Legislative Assemblies

Webex for Public Service

Financial Services

Your customers expect their financial transactions and interactions with you to be secure. Seamless communications and secure back-office processes are vital. Use Webex to safely connect with your customers, even when they can't make it to the branch office. We'll help you get started with a better, safer way to communicate with customers.

Webex for Financial Services


Provide safe and comfortable virtual care for your patients, whether it's a follow-up call, virtual consultation, or anything in between, with Webex. We'll show you how to educate and prepare patients and their families on what to expect with telemedicine and how IT can set up everything they need to ensure a secure, user-friendly experience.

Transitioning to virtual healthcare

Virtual visitation