Get started in Control Hub

Setting up and managing a new technology should be simple. And thanks to Control Hub, it's never been easier to configure your Webex services and manage your users—all in one place. Let's get started.

Control Hub fundamentals

Verify your domain

Verify your domain with Webex so you can easily claim all your users.

Auto-assign templates

Save time by automatically granting licenses to new and existing users in Control Hub.

Claim your users

Claim and add users to your domain in Control Hub to make managing them a breeze.

Claim your domain

Want users in your domain to be automatically created within your organization? Claim your domain.

For an even better experience

Enable SSO

Make sign-on easy for users and eliminate helpdesk tickets about forgotten passwords.

Turn on hybrid calendar

Connect calendar services like Outlook or Google calendar to Webex so users can easily manage meetings.

Enable directory sync

Connect Control Hub with your directory service for a secure and seamless experience.

Brand your experience

Configure branding in Control Hub to match your Webex site to the look and feel of your brand.

Prepare for Webex

Before deploying Webex, you’ll need to prepare your network. Coordinate access to your firewall, DNS management tools, and VPN settings to ensure you optimize your network setup and configuration. Our resources will get you there.

Don’t worry about VPN traffic—users can join meetings without a VPN and you can configure your VPN to direct traffic to the internet or set up tunnels after you configure ports.

Your adoption roadmap

Set milestones and celebrate wins

What does success look like with Webex, and how will you know if you are indeed successful? Create milestones along your adoption journey to ensure you meet all your business goals using Webex.

View common milestones

Configure Webex in Control Hub

Control Hub makes setting up and managing Webex simple, so you can focus on bigger things, like ensuring your users' success. Our guide will walk you through every step.

View the deployment guide

Onboard your organization

Once you've configured Control Hub and set up your users, you can use our checklist to make onboarding quick and painless.

View the checklist

Start with our resources

We don’t expect you to set up, configure, and manage Webex without a little bit of support. Our resources will help guide you, answer questions, and teach you all you need to know about Webex.

Webex GoLearn

Our classes make it easy to get up and running in Control Hub quickly. View our course catalog on Webex GoLearn.

The Webex Help Center

Whether you need help troubleshooting or have a very specific question, our Help Center has all the answers you need.

IT admin community

Need help, have questions, or want to connect with like-minded admins? Visit the Webex Community.

Visit our Adoption Resources Library to build an actionable adoption plan.